Nov 3, 2012

December show - 2012

I am at the moment in the midst of getting our December show together taking place December 13 - 15 in the Black Box at the Rose Wagner building. It will be a retrospective of some of the most intensely physical and emotionally raw pieces that I have done while being the Artistic Director and choreographer in residence with The Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company here in Salt Lake City. Some of the work featured are "Interiors", a collaborative piece that I did with local grafitti Artist and painter, Trent Call, "Lost" - a work that was created and based on the stories of four former gang members, who were also illegal immigrants here in SLC, "But, Seriously" - the highly acclaimed collaboration from 2011. This work was done in collaboration with actor, Ethan John Phillips, Architect, Nathan Webster and Writer, David Kranes. This is an extraordinary piece that deals with the highly vulnerable fate of the stand-up comedian.