"CBC pursues collaborations with artists and professionals from different disciplines and is developing a collective of designers, architects, visual artists, writers, and composers to contribute to the evolution of the work."

"Hungering Spirit of Invention and Collaboration: Charlotte does not reject tradition. I believe she feels grounded in it and that grounding gives her great comfort.  But that grounding-comfort also provides a platform from which to launch new and adventurous works.It provides a platform from which to invent. It creates an eagerness to collaborate—with writers like myself, with stand-up comics, with jazz musicians, with non-dancers. The list goes on.  Charlotte is an artist who, because of these strengths, will find new forms." 

David Kranes (Writer/Collaborator/Founding Artistic Director of the Playwrights' Lab at Sundance)

"A TONAL CARESS" (2018) - A collaboration with Australian Deaf Poet/Performer Walter Kadiki. Staged at Utah Museum Of Fine Arts, July 12, 13, 14, 2018.

"IT’S NOT CRACKER" (2016) - A collaboration with the BBoy Federation and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. A work that dealt with some of themes from the traditional Nutcracker.

"EXODUS" (2016) – A group of collaborators - missing our extraordinary lighting designer, Cole Adams, and sound engineer,  Adam Day!

"SPACE AS COLLABORATOR" (2016) – A Summer Intensive directed towards Designers, Dancers and Choreographers. In Five days we managed to produce 11 pieces by 24 artists and had three showings for the public. Participants came from Portland, Chicago, Allentown, Wichita, NYC, California, Vancouver and of course Utah. Participants worked collaboratively in five spaces for two days and then were switched around, given a new theme, a new team, a new space and another 48 hours to solve and present their work. Amazing creativity emerged and our intention is to build on this for next year.

"HOUSE OF APOCALYPSE" (2015) - A collaboration between the NOW-ID Board, Gala Committee, The Bad Kids, The Litas, and more.


"NOWHERE" (2015) featured mixed-media, contemporary dance/music performance in exploration of place on July 17th and 18th.

Artists: Dancers Katherine LawrenceTara McArthurTJ Spaur and Brian Nelson

Original music by Danish composer/ musician Jesper Egelund,  Icelandic composer Steingrimur Rohloff, and organist Laura Cutler on the Fulcher Pipe Organ.

Local artists, such as Colour MaischStefanie DykesGary VlasicCole AdamsAdam DayJan AndrewsAmie TulliusEmily CatesJesse Walker, and Nathan Webster, contribute performanceinstallationlightsoundstorycostume and set components. 

Choreography by NOW-ID's Artistic Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen.

The performance featured an on-site sound installation, film, and the Infinite Wheel.

"FEAST" (2014) – "Feast" spoke to palates and appetites, hunger and satiation, tradition and experimentation, shared customs and the private experience. We focused here on the "table" – word and object – as both active and passive, simultaneously suggesting the possibility of a clean slate, a pause, decadence, or… a striving for balance in the push and pull of human assembly. The production was staged at the Great Saltair, just outside of Salt Lake City. Collaborators of this project included Salt Lake City actors, Andra Harboldt and Robert Scott Smith, NYC-based writer, Troy Deutsch, Danish composer and musician, Jesper Egelund Pedersen, and more.

"The WEDDING" (2013) – An exploration of the most public of private rituals. The performance explored the space of ritual at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City. "The Wedding" was a collaborative and context-driven work in which the artists and site generated many fundamental ideas for the project. 

"BUT, SERIOUSLY" (2011) – A collaboration between writer, David Kranes, actor, Ethan Phillips, and Architect, Nathan Webster. "…a dance which incorporates a stand-up comic seemed a unique idea. After all, dancers and comics share being "on their feet" in front of an audience."

“TOUCHING FIRE” (2010) – A collaboration with writer, David Kranes and Architect, Nathan Webster, exploring the creative line between that which holds us back and that which is over the edge. Created on The Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company.

"INTERIORS" (2008) - The impulse we as urban humans have to add our mark, our understanding, indeed our own art to the natural world, is the point of departure from which this collaboration with artist Trent Call developed and unfolded.

“NIGHT VISION” (2005) - A collaboration with composor, Jens Horsving and multi-media group, Epi. Staged at Takkelloftet, the Black Box Theater at the New Opera House in Copenhagen. "Night Vision" was a mystical, poetic description of that world of instincts, urges, and dreams that arise to free play in the dark of the night. (Left Photo Below)

“SPELLING LOVE” (2000) - A collaboration with Danish Theater Director and a longtime friend, Erik Gottlieb. This project was based on Sam Shepard's play Savage Love, and was a two-part production - theater and dance. Staged at the "Kaleidoskop" Theater in Copenhagen. (Right Photo Above)

INTERVIEW WITH CHARLOTTE BOYE-CHRISTENSEN (2010) - In this interview, Boye-Christensen discusses her general approach to choreography, including the music’s role, working with individual dancers, and the importance of having her pieces evolve each time they are performed.

"Interview with Charlotte Boye-Christensen,"15bytes article published by Artists of Utah (December 13, 2010)